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 SVDL-1341 "PUNISHING the Porch Pirate!" Preview and Download Page

PUNISHING the Porch Pirate!


Kendra Heart

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Full High Definition


I get instant package delivery notifications which is how I caught him trying to steal mine...time to PUNISH the porch pirate!


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Video Description

It's that time of the year again. 

Time for all of those holiday online sales and time for your packages to land on your front door.

It's also time for the holiday porch pirates to show up waiting for your package to be delivered so they can deliver it to themselves!

Think about how infuriating it is when you realize your package has been stolen and how you'd give anything to catch one of these lowlife thieves red-handed and what you'd like to do to them when you do!

Well...unfortunately for this porch pirate, he's about to get caught red-faced between the powerful thighs of Kendra Heart who catches him in the act!

Kendra gets an phone notification that her package has arrived and within seconds of trying to retrieve it on her front porch, the porch pirate has it in his hands, ready to run off with it!


She first grabs her package out of his hands and then grabs him, pulling him into her house to administer a BRUTAL SCISSOR BEATING he won't soon forget...if he survives that is!

After pushing him into her bedroom, Kendra tosses off her housecoat to reveal her sexy purple see-through lingerie and then begins the lethal-legged lesson!

Watch as the veins nearly pop out of his forehead from the cranium-cracking power of her dancer-trained thighs as she admonishes him for his evil deeds as if scolding a disobedient child!

Kendra pulls his head up high and tight in eye-popping reverse headscissors that have him on the brink of unconsciousness as he begs for mercy!

Then it's time to break a few ribs perhaps in her anaconda-like bodyscissors, slowly SQUEEEEZING every ounce of oxygen from his lungs!

On and on it goes as Kendra Heart mercilessly tortures him in one scissor hold after the other until eventually she decides he's had enough!

So for all of you porch pirates out there thinking about the next package you're going to take...better hope that package isn't addressed to Kendra Heart because if it is, that will be the last package you steal!



SVDL-1341 'PUNISHING the Porch Pirate!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : November-20-2020



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