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 SVDL-1311 "Knocking You Out Makes Me Wet!" Preview and Download Page

Knocking You Out Makes Me Wet!


Kendra Heart



Full High Definition


Ah yes! Nothing makes me more wet than feeling your throat gurgling against my pussy as I knock you out over and over again!


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Video Description

We were told several months ago by another producer that adult film start, Kendra Heart, has one of the most powerful squeezes he's ever felt.

Now we at ScissorVixens certainly have learned our lesson many, many years ago to never judge a squeeze by its leggy cover and to never underestimate it's power based on appearance.

But even though we have learned that lesson long ago, we are still taken by surprise once in a while and such is the case with Kendra Heart!

Before we shot this video I made a point to get a quick scissor sample opting for a reverse head scissors and that's when I couldn't believe what I was feeling!

I know...many of you are assuming I'm just trying to exaggerate in exchange for sales but trust me...very few of you would survive Kendra Heart's reverse head scissors before either tapping out or passing out!

The power of her SQUEEEZE and the slender build of her thighs just don't seem to add up but then she told me she's been bareback horse riding almost entire life which means...she had to use the grip of her inner thighs to keep her on the horse.

Add to that her athletic sports background of playing soccer and volleyball throughout her school years and finally, exotic pole dancing...and yep...that would explain her knockout scissor power!

And as an adult actress...Kendra is accustomed to becoming aroused whenever she wraps her thighs around a man!

But in this video...she takes it one more step! 

First scissoring her victim, then knocking him out and finally...brining herself to near orgasm by rubbing herself or straddling and humping his neck while he's out cold!

Of course this is how she brings him back to consciousness each time!

Then, it's back to the same orgasmic scissor cycle of TEASE, SQUEEZE, KNOCKOUT and RUBBING herself and bringing him back to semi-consciousness until the final SCISSORGASMIC conclusion!

If you love our SCISSORGASM series...this one will NOT disappoint with Kendra Heart's ScissorVixen video debut titled 'Knocking You Out Makes Me Wet!'.



SVDL-1311 'Knocking You Out Makes Me Wet!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : December-31-2019



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