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 SVDL-1329 "Neckwrecker Nancy!" Preview and Download Page

Neckwrecker Nancy!


Kay Kendall

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Full High Definition


Nancy is my name and WRECKING NECKS is my game as poor Drew is finding out right now!  Wanna be next?


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Video Description

Nerdy, quirky, adorably cute and blessed with a pair of athletically built and incredibly POWERFUL, dancer trained thighs are words and physical characteristics that best describe ScissorVixen, Kay Kendall!

Drew watched from behind the camera as Kay Kendall DESTROYED her first two victims in her previous videos knowing that sooner or later, he was going to have face her thighs NECK FIRST as well!

And in this video, Drew is introduced to Kay Kendall's MAN CRUSHING alter ego, Neckwrecker Nancy!

He's heard about her, even saw what she's done to previous men on social media, and knows what he's about to endure is going to be pure torture!

She slowly walks towards him wearing high heels, a long blue shirt hiked up to show off her magnificent thighs, and a string thong scantily exposing her insanely gorgeous ass!

The look on Drew's frightened face says it all...he's about to be WRECKED!

Watch as Neckwrecker Nancy looks at the camera with a big smile saying..."And this is what I do guys!", followed by her joyful laugh contrasting his simultaneous screams of agony!

Trust us folks, the veins popping out of Drew's head and his screams are the REAL DEAL!

Kay Kendall, aka Neckwrecker Nancy, is no joke!

This girl can FUCK YOU up when she brings the PRESSURE in just about any scissor hold and her breath-robbing noose-like figure-4 had Drew in a panic at one point thinking he was gonna soon be LIGHTS OUT!

So if you like that cute, quirky girl-next-door look with KILLER THIGHS more than capable of WRECKING your neck and more than check out bubbly, but BRUTAL Kay Kendall in 'Neckwrecker Nancy!'.



SVDL-1329 'Neckwrecker Nancy!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : June-24-2020



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