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 SVDL-1320 "IG @KaysKrushers!" Preview and Download Page

IG @KaysKrushers


Kay Kandall

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Full High Definition


This loser kept getting my IG shut down by reporting my scissor pics so now it's time to start a new one @KaysKrushers!


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Video Description

We first introduced Kay Kendall in a BRUTAL 2-on-1 video with Amethyst Mars a while ago and right from start, our victim new our newbie ScissorVixen had an POWERFUL SQUEEEEEZE!

So now she's back to wrap her PUNISHING THIGHS around another victim wearing a SEXY yellow thong that really shows off her amazingly gorgeous and fit ass and thighs in some of the sexiest, and most BRUTAL, reverse head scissors action you'll find anywhere!

And talk about SUFFOCATING reverse figure-4's!

Kay forces him to tap out several times in her incredibly TIGHT reverse figure-4 leaving little room for him to breath as her glutes pulsate to apply eye-popping pressure over and over again!

So why is she DESTROYING her helpless victim in this video?

Well...because Kay isn't too happy about losing her IG account with 150,000 followers because this asshole kept reporting her sexy scissor pics as being inappropriate.

Kay makes a lot of money showing off her gorgeous thighs in SKULL-CRUSHING action and isn't about to allow this clown to ruin it for her!

She tracks him down through his IP address, showing up at his apartment and confronts him.

She lets him know that she's already created a new account named @KaysKrushers and she's brought her camera along to create new content by going live for her new followers to view the SCISSOR BEATING she's about to perform on the troll!

Watch as she hikes up her dress to show off her AMAZING money-making CRUSHERS for her fans right before wrapping them around her victim's neck!

While SQUEEZING the daylights out of him, she reads the live message from her fans on her phone as they are loving every second of his agonizing demise!

In the end, Kay gives him one final SQUEEZE as she arches high in the air to apply truly HEAD-POPPING pressure that nearly separates his head from his shoulders before finally releasing him in a state of semi-consciousness!

Kay checks her phone one more time to see how many new followers she's earned and she's absolutely thrilled to see she's back up to 150.000 followers after her first @KaysKrushers SCISSOR SHOW!

Don't miss the adorably cute, and very powerful, Kay Kendall in 'IG @KaysKrushers'!



SVDL-1320 'IG @KaysKrushers!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : March-2-2020



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