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 SVDL-1319 "Smacking My Thighs Around Your Neck!" Preview and Download Page

Smacking My Thighs Around Your Neck!


Adrian Hush

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Full High Definition


He was smacking his gum so loud I couldn't hear my show so now it's time to SMACK MY THIGHS AROUND HIS NECK!


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Video Description

Just one look at the intense photo above with my veins popping outta of my forehead ready to explode will tell you the kind of head-popping PRESSURE GORGEOUS Adrian Hush is applying to my skull!

She was really fucking me up in this one and it showed after the shoot as my eyes were bloodshot and puffy accompanied by a nasty headache.

Not to mention all of those wonderful red dots on my forehead the next day!

We likened Adrian Hush to that other short but powerful Latina HOTTIE, Chichi, and boy does she ever live up to it here in this video!

And nothing sets Adrian off more than rude assholes smacking their chewing gum so loud she can't even hear the show she's trying to watch!

And that's exactly the mistake Drew makes in this video!

Adrian lets him know she's not amused by all the noise coming out of his mouth so he annoys her even more by turning it up!

That's when Adrian tells him she's gonna smack her thighs around his head!

He brushes her threat off and quickly finds out she wasn't messing around!

Adrian completely DESTROYS Drew in one eye-bulging head scissor after the other causing his veins to nearly pop out of his head while turning his face several shades or red!

Adrian's acrobatic dancer thighs are SCARY POWERFUL when she engages her inner-thighs sending the pressure level through the roof, or in this case, through the top of his skull!

And boy does Adrian know how to work her CRUSHING GLUTES every time she applies a reverse headscissor or reverse figure-4! 


In the end Adrian has Drew in a vicious side throat scissors really pouring it on while nearly sending him to la-la-land!

After she's satisfied with the scissor beating she administers on Drew, she tells him to get the hell out so she can finally relax and watch her show in peace!

So check out the insanely HOTTTT Adrian Hush in 'Smacking My Thighs Around Your Neck!'.



SVDL-1319 'Smacking My Thighs Around Your Neck!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : February-26-2020



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