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 SVDL-1312 "The Scissor Cuckold!" Preview and Download Page

The Scissor Cuckold!


Adrian Hush



Full High Definition


I love making my hubby happy and what makes him happy is watching me CRUSH other men between my THIGHS!


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Video Description

GORGEOUS new ScissorVixen and dancer, Adrian Hush, debuts showing off her extremely flexible and powerful thighs in SKULL-CRUSHING action!

We've been waiting to shoot with Adrian for quite some time now and once she announced she was back in Las Vegas...we immediately set up the shoot!

The first thing we thought when meeting Adrian for the first time is how much she reminded us of another very popular ScissorVixen by the name of Chichi.

And just like Chichi, Adrian is a dark-haired Latina BEAUTY around the same height as Chichi and packing a pair of muscular and powerful THIGHS!

There is no doubt you are going to love watching Adrian in her first ScissorVixen video playing the role of a wife who loves pleasing her husband, Jim, and his kinky desire to watch her CRUSH other men between her thighs while he watches just a few feet away!

This time, her hubby invites an old college buddy over to the house that he hasn't seen in years.

When his buddy arrives, Jim tells his old friend he recently got married to a smoking hottie by the name of Adrian.

Then he shares a little secret telling him how Adrian does this thing with her legs where she wraps them around his neck and squeeeeeezes real tight nearly knocking him out each time!

His buddy  looks  surprised and when  Jim invites him to give it a try...his buddy says "Uhhh, I'm not really into that!".

But when Jim calls Adrian out from the bathroom to meet his old friend, she's wearing a ridiculously HOT black lingerie outfit that certainly catches the friend's attention!

Jim introduces Adrian and then Adrian asks..."So this is the one we are going to have a little fun with tonight?".

Adrian grabs his friend by the arm and practically drags him to the bed where the real fun is about to begin!

Adrian looks absolutely STUNNING while scissoring his poor friend senseless while occasionally glancing over to her hubby sitting on the couch with a smile knowing he's getting off on watching her DESTROY his friend between her insanely SEXY and POWERFUL THIGHS!

"How's this one look baby!?" she asks as she has her poor victim clamped in a front headscissors and then raises her one leg high over her head and slams it down across his neck for a BRUTAL scissor chop!

And her reverse head scissors are a thing of beauty, unless of course it's your neck trying to survive them! 

Adrian tells him to lift his head as she reaches back and pulls it up high and tight and after a few seconds of tight squeezing, begins to pulsate her powerful glutes administering EYE-POPPING PRESSURE!

On and on it goes as Adrian is totally WRECKING his friend's neck and body in one scissor hold after the other until her hubby tells her it's time to end it...with a KNOCKOUT!

She pulls his badly beaten body to the edge of the bed and hangs his head over it and then starts out in a standing front head scissors smiling while looking at her hubby who is getting more and more excited watching her do her thing!

Then...she turns around to finally put him out of his misery with her finishing SQUEEEEZE in a standing reverse head scissors quickly knocking Jim's old school buddy out cold!

Jim congratulates her as Adrian struts over to sit next to him on the couch as they celebrate another job well done by Adrian and her SCISSOR CUCKOLDING THIGHS!

You don't want to miss insanely GORGEOUS Adrian Hush in 'The Scissor Cuckold!'.



SVDL-1312 'The Scissor Cuckold!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : January-10-2020



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