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Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress'

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Full High Definition


I was hired to give this creep a beating for posting revenge porn.  Time for him to feel the power of my REVENGE SCISSORS!


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Video Description

The first time we worked with Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress' I was stuck in Las Vegas but had another producer shoot the video for us.

When I got the raw footage and began to edit the video, I knew we had to get this powerlifting and muscular red-headed beauty back on ScissorVixens and now that we are currently back on Florida...we did!

I was warned by the victims in her first video titled 'Oliv The Muscle Mistress's SAVAGE SCISSORS!' that her scissors are absolutely BRUTAL and soon found out...indeed they are!

One of Oliv's hashtags was #deathbythighs and when I felt just how powerful they were in this video...I don't doubt her thighs could do just that if she wanted to!

Luckily for me, she isn't showing up to kill me but instead is hired by a former girlfriend to teach me a long, torturous lesson for posting revenge porn on the internet.

Now I'm going to suffer between Oliv's REVENGE SCISSORS one eye-bulging, rib-crushing and vein-popping scissor hold at time!

Oliv's thighs are simply relentless as they suck the energy, and nearly my life, right out of me including a figure-4 so damn tight, I thought my head was going to literally pop off my shoulders!

But that wasn't enough! 

Locked in that murderous figure-4, Oliv begins to pulsate and flex her inner thighs taking it up even a few more notches on the PAIN SCALE which was more than maxed-out at that point!

And of course...her reverse head scissors are a thing of beauty from behind the camera but from behind her powerlifting squat booty...it's a thing of total DESTRUCTION!

Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress' is BACK and we know you are going to love her CRUSHING performance in 'REVENGE SCISSORS!'.



SVDL-1303 'REVENGE SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : November-16-2019



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