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 SVDL-1274 Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress's SAVAGE SCISSORS!' Preview and Download Page

Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress's SAVAGE SCISSORS!'


Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress'



Full High Definition


It doesn't get any HOTTER than red-headed powerlifter, Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress', showing off her SAVAGE SCISSORS!


The screen captures above are from the actual video which you can download with the video in one zip file.

There are 120 screen captures in the full photo gallery.


Video Description

When one of our ScissorVixens members told us about a new session girl by the name of Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress' (as she refers to herself on Instagram) and saw she lived in our former location of Saint Petersburg, Fl, we immediately reached out to her to set up a shoot!

And lucky for us, we have a few very capable producers in Saint Petersburg who have experience with what a ScissorVixen shoot is all about so we were able to get one of them to shoot the video for us (since we are now in Vegas).

But we did run into a little problem just hours before the shoot when our victim was unable to make the shoot but Oliv was able to help us out in that department with one of her regular session guys (wearing a partial mask in this video) and his friend who is a complete newbie when it comes to getting CRUSHED between the thighs of a powerful woman!

If you love natural born red-heads, naturally beautiful women and powerlifting level POWER then you will be an immediate fan of Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress'!

Oliv's athletic background is pretty impressive which includes varsity wrestling on the boys team (poor boys being humiliated by a such a pretty but powerful girl!), softball, soccer, pole vaulting as well as other track and field events, rifle spinning, working out in the gym for several years and now powerlifting in which she won GOLD at her latest event just two days prior to this video shoot!

Oliv is also an exotic pole dancer and we all know how well that skill transfers over into CRUSHING NECKS!

So without any hesitation we decided to introduce Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress' to ScissorVixen fans by showcasing her THIGH POWER in the best way possible...SAVAGE SCISSORS!

Even though Oliv is a domme she does have a ‘sweet spot’ in her heart and when she found out the 1st guy was a total newbie, she decided to slowly test his limits!

But when he proved that he was capable of a small percentage of her power without crying for mommy, Oliv started to ramp up the pressure until near the end of his time between her thighs where he was begging for her to stop and learned the art of tapping-out in a very deliberate and frantic way!

Next up...one of Oliv's new session regulars who agreed to do the video if he could conceal his identity.  So he wore a mask that partially covered his face but leaves his eyes fully exposed making it very easy to see the fear and pain Oliv would soon inflict on him!

She looks at the camera and says..."I went light on the first guy but let’s see if this guy can hold on a little longer!?".

Of course Oliv already knows his limits and enjoys taking him a little past them with each session and now video shoot!

Now things get really SAVAGE as Oliv COMPLETELY DESTROYS her session-slut in one of the most brutal displays of SCISSOR POWER you’ll ever see!

Listening to his screams and watching his tap-outs, you may even start to feel sorry for him...or maybe not!

But one thing is for sure, you'll definitely fall in love with Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress'!

And should you want to add getting squeezed between Oliv's thighs to your bucket list, it will be the LAST bucket list item you check off whether you like it or not! 



SVDL-1274 Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress's SAVAGE SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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Compression Format:   MP4

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  21 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  1.5 GB


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Date Added : June-4-2019



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