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Introducing Sandrine!
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Physical Statistics
Height 5'9"
Weight 149-159lbs.
Biceps 13.6"
Quads 25.3"
Calves 13.6"


About Sandrine

My initial motivation for getting into shape and going to the gym was to loose weight and sculpt a better body.  One day, I and a few of my friends from the gym decided to take a 'self defense' course they started teaching at the gym.  Well, during the lesson, the instructor wanted to show me how to get out of a hold but told me to do my best to escape.  He was choking me with his hands and although I can't quite remember what I did to escape...I almost broke his nose.  We were both very surprised!

The self defense instructor advised me to try kick-boxing since it would help make me more flexible, increase my cardio endurance and help me loose fat around my thighs.  I did this for 8 months and enjoyed it very much.  However, the instructor had to leave for Israel to fulfill his military duty.  That's when I gave up on the kick boxing.  Then, another friend introduced me to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the rest is history...I've been doing it for 3 years now and although I have not earned a belt yet...I basically do it for fun.

Although BJJ was very difficult for me at first, the men I have met have been very encouraging and have given me plenty of energy and determination to be improve myself.  And the most amazing thing is that I can actually beat them on the mats!

During my sessions, I love to have fun and tease you when I have you pinned down since there is nothing you can do about it...to me this is very funny indeed...lol :).




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featuring Sandrine

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