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Scissor Hazing!






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Video Description

When we first met Mandi it was with her friend Sunshine.  Mandi was completely new to fetish shoots and admitted to us that she was a little apprehensive about being too aggressive so she didn't squeeze as hard as she could have.

Well...fast forward nearly a year later and we can tell you for certainty that Mandi is no longer shy about POURING on the PRESSURE and trying to pop your head off!

Mandi is absolutely gorgeous from her dark hair, big beautiful smile and down to her killer legs developed from years as a gymnast. 

And this time around Mandi shows us what her gymnast legs are really capable of as she turns Drew's face several shades of red with veins popping out of his forehead! The pressure made Drew feel like his head was about to explode from the power of her thighs!

And talk about a world-class butt!  Mandi has one of the best butts there is and she knows how to use it in her murderous reverse head scissors!

In this video Mandi and her sorority sisters just moved in next door to Drew's house.  Like most young college cuties they like to have fun and party but Drew doesn't so he calls the cops to pay them a visit along with a warning.

Infuriated Mandi decides to knock on his door the next day and introduce herself. 

But Drew doesn't need any introduction from her as he already recognizes her as one of the girls who escorted a few young men into their sorority house the night before.

"Yeah...I saw you with the boys and called the cops after hearing them screaming for help as if they were being murdered!  What the hell were you girls doing to those boys!?".

And that's when college cutie Mandi smiles and says..."Oh...we decided instead of hazing our new sorority sisters it would be more fun to do it to a few new college boys!  You wanna find out what we did...?  Let me show you!".

And that's when Drew gets a taste of Mandi's POWERFUL college gymnast thighs and introduces him to something she calls 'Scissor Hazing!'.


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