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SVDL-987 "Naughty Fitness SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page

Naughty Fitness SCISSORS!


Brandi Mae




High Definition


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Video Description

We first shot with Brandi Mae about 7 years ago and were privileged to be the first to do so!  Back then Brandi Mae was brand new to the world of fetish and at times a little uncertain about her abilities to be dominant and take control.

Well...fast forward several years and Brandi Mae has grown in many ways!

First the obvious which is Brandi's AMAZING physique featuring legs and an ass that are out of this world!  Very few if any ScissorVixens we've worked with over the years can match Brandi Mae's POWERFUL lower body!  And oh what a booty she's developed.  She's proud of it and proud to say..."It's ALL MUSCLE!".

And we can certainly vouch for that!

Then there's Brandi Mae's new attitude.  Gone is any uncertainty about being dominant as Brandi Mae certainly knows how to take charge and put you in your place!

In her latest video Brandi Mae shows up at the house of a guy looking to add a little fun to his workouts.  So he calls a new personal in-home fitness service named 'Naughty Fitness Trainers' that adds a sexy twist to spice things up.

He's a 'leg and ass man' so when he sees Brandi Mae on their front page he calls and insist that she's the one he wants.

Well...he gets exactly what he asks for and more!

What he doesn't realize is Brandi Mae isn't there just to workout nearly naked just for his viewing pleasure but she's there to do her job which is to make sure he gets a workout as well!

So when he tells her he has no intention of working out and would rather sit back and watch her that's when Brandi Mae tells him it's LEG DAY and time to work LEGS!

Brandi's MASSIVE QUADS wrap around his head and pull him in to some of the tightest eye-popping scissors ever!  But it's her reverse figure-4's that really do some damage!

Folks...with legs as big and muscular as Brandi Mae's once she locks in a reverse figure-4 and even before squeezing you start to panic.  Then she starts to slowly constrict her inner thigh muscles and that's when you feel totally helpless and ready to tap-out.

But wait...there's more!  We can't forget about her world-class muscular ass!

After tightening her inner thighs around your neck and locking you in without any chance of escape she then constricts her glutes flexing and releasing while counting out reps!  With every flex of her glutes you feel as though your head will literally pop off at any moment!

So check out one of the hottest muscle babes ever, Brandi Mae, in 'Naughty Fitness SCISSORS!'.


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