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SVDL-972 "Putting a Runner In His Neck!" Preview and Download Page

Putting a Runner In His Neck!






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Video Description

GORGEOUS new ScissorVixen Kat is no stranger to SCISSORS!

When we asked Kat if she knew what leg scissorswere she just smirked and replied..."Look at my legs...of course I do!".  So when we asked her what kind of personal experience she's had with scissors she followed up by telling us..."I knocked a guy out in my leg scissorsonce when he said something rude to me while I was on stage dancing!".

Well...after that reply we couldn't wait to test out the 5'10" tall Amazon's thighs and so she gave us a quick demonstration right on our kitchen floor pulling Drew's neck deep into her HUGE QUADS!.  It didn't take long for Drew to get a seriously light-headed after a few seconds between Kat's CRUSHERS and after tapping-out we set up our first shoot with the former exotic dancer.

In her debut ScissorVixen video Kat isn't too happy after discovering runners in her favorite pair of pantyhose and blames Drew for tossing them in the dryer with his clothes.

But when Drew tells her to just go buy another pair since they're so cheap Kat uses her pantyhose-clad CRUSHERS to give Drew a few runners on his neck!

Watch as the very powerful Kat uses her powerhouse dancer-trained thighs to SQUEEEEZE the daylights out of Drew in some truly excruciating and eye-popping scissor holds of every kind!

It's not until Drew succumbs to the relentless power of Kat's thighs constricting the life out of him that he agrees to buy another pair of pantyhose for her.  But not until after he wakes up from Kat's final knock-out scissors!

So check out dark-haired Amazon beauty Kat in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Putting a Runner In His Neck!'.


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