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SVDL-928 "Scarlett Devine's SAVAGE SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page

Scarlett Devine's SAVAGE SCISSORS!


Scarlett Devine




High Definition


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Video Description

At nearly 6 ft. tall (5 foot 11.5 inches to be exact) Scarlett Devine is ready for her return to action and her first time on ScissorVixens.com is nothing short of  SAVAGE!

It's hard to believe that over the years ScissorVixens.com has worked with more than 400 different ScissorVixens ranging from the girl-next-door, to fashion models, female athletes, fitness girls, female bodybuilders and well-known session wrestlers.  And it's even more hard to believe that we could have missed the opportunity to work with someone as popular as Las Vegas model and session wrestler Scarlett Devine!

Not that we didn't try a few times.  It seemed as though every time we were in Las Vegas trying to line up a shoot with her she was somewhere else other than 'Scissor City'.  And another occasion we were informed that she was taking a much needed break from the scene for a while.

But FINALLY...the scissor stars aligned and even though once again Scarlett Devine was initially out of town while we were in Vegas she returned just in time to make her first appearance on ScissorVixens.com!

Needing no introduction, or scissor lessons for that matter, we decided to showcase her the best way we know how...Scarlett Devine's SAVAGE SCISSORS video!

When you see just how strikingly tall Scarlett Devine is standing next to Drew in her high heels easily towering over him with her hips nearly as high as his head you know this SAVAGE SCISSORS video is going to feature some serious CRUSHING SUBMISSIONS! 

Right from the start Scarlett Devine takes charge by pulling Drew's little head between her endlessly long thighs, locks up her ankles, looks at the camera and says while pulsating her inner thigh muscles that feel like steel rods..."I think women alone share this muscle for CRUSHING and GRASPING and DESTRUCTION in general!". 

And DESTROY she does!

After totally annihilating Drew between her powerful thighs Scarlett is ready for her next victim.  Our 2nd victim had already warned us there was no way he was going to do a full SAVAGE SCISSOR video with Scarlett!  But it was now his turn to try and finish the last 10 minutes or so between her MURDEROUS LEGS!

At one point Scarlett has him in a ridiculously tight and eye-popping front head scissors and just as his hand raises up and preparation to tap-out Scarlett says..."I'm enjoying it...NO! NO! don't tap!" and then tells him to "Moan louder!" since the vibration was getting her off!

So for fans of our SAVAGE SCISSORS series videos and fans of GORGEOUS Amazonian sized women who know to CRUSH a man into screaming submission you don't want to miss Scarlett's debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Scarlett Devine's SAVAGE SCISSORS'!


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