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SVDL-918 "Here's What All The SCREAMING Is About!" Preview and Download Page

Here's What All The SCREAMING Is About!






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Video Description

Chichi and her ridiculously sexy but powerful thighs make Drew tapout before almost passing out!

The first time we shot with Chichi we couldn't believe the muscles in this girl-next-door's thighs!  Sure...she's a former gymnast and dancer who loves working out on the stripper pole but when she's just standing there relaxed you have no idea what kind of muscle she's hiding beneath her smooth perfectly tan legs. 

That's until she clamps them around your neck and then her legs just EXPLODE with rock-hard muscles and her ass is just as impressive!

This is the first time Drew has ever had to tapout because he simply could NOT BREATH during one insanely excruciating side neck scissors!  Sure...he's tapped out from intense scissor pressure and pain but was always able to still suck in some oxygen.  Not this time! Chichi's thighs clamped so tight on his neck that breathing was impossible and it was tapout or pass-out!

And in one picture it looks like Chichi is literally squeezing Drew's head FLAT with his veins on the verge of  exploding in his forehead!

In this video Drew hears a man's screams coming from his neighbors pool house and decides to walk over to investigate.

After putting his ear to the door only to hear his screams becoming more frantic he decides to take action and find out if he's ok.  But what Drew finds is his young, muscular female neighbor strangling a man nearly to death in a standing reverse head scissors!

"What the hell are you doing to him!? I'm going to call the cops if you don't let him go!"... Drew threatens.

That's when Chichi loosens her leggy death grip around his neck allowing him to crawl away with his life but then turns her attention towards her nosy neighbor Drew.

"You wanna know what all the screaming is about...?  Sure...let me show you!".

Folks...Chichi was pretty damn strong the first time we shot with her but this time around she's SCARY STRONG thanks to her latest pole-dancing exercise routine! 

Those legs and ass of hers are perfectly shaped and built to do some serious damage because they are small enough to fit right into your neck with little to no protection from your jaw or head.  Add to that all her dancer trained rock-hard quad muscle and it's pure SCISSOR TORTURE no matter what scissor hold she puts you in!

Drew's neck was really messed up for nearly one week after his shoot with Chichi and he still hasn't been able to work out the kinks to this day!

So if you like EXTREME SCISSORS by one of the sexiest and strongest little ScissorVixens we have in our huge lineup then don't miss Chichi in 'Here's What All The SCREAMING Is About!'.


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