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SVDL-910 "Luna's SCISSOR Center!" Preview and Download Page

Luna's SCISSOR Center

(aka SCISSOR Solicitation)






High Definition


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Video Description

Adorably cute little Luna packs one hell of a scissor-punch in her debut ScissorVixens video!

We actually first met Luna several months ago at our Florida studio and although we thought she had a great look combined with the right personality we weren't quite sure she had what it took physically to scissor a guy into submission.  That all changed a few months after first meeting her when she participated in a scissor challenge along with a few other larger girls.  It was Luna's scissors that shocked Drew the most never expecting so much scissor-power to come from such a small package!  Once it was Luna's turn to scissor Drew she literally jumped into action slapping on a tight reverse head scissors so fast that Drew was seeing stars in seconds!

And it was after that brief experience between Luna's thighs that Drew finally realized she definitely had what it took to become our latest ScissorVixen!

In her debut video Luna is going door-to-door asking for volunteer contributions for a new ladies fitness center.  But when she knocks on Drew's door he opens it and points to the sign hanging on his door that reads "No Solicitations!".  Then tells her to go somewhere else and rudely slams the door on her face.

That's when the persistent and now angry Luna rings his door bell one more time and asked him if a 'Scissor Solicitation' is acceptable instead!

When you watch Luna in action it's obvious she is having way too much fun (for real!) squeeeeezing the daylights out of Drew moving from one scissor hold to another all the while wearing a smile, and often evil grin, on her pretty little face!

One look at the veins popping from Drew's forehead should tell you that powerful things do indeed come in small packages!

So check out SEXY Luna in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'SCISSOR Solicitation!'.


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