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Women's SCISSOR Studies!






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Video Description

This was a custom video request that we shot in Vegas with Malice and as you will see her legs are even bigger and stronger than before!

We've received quite a few e-mails from fans who want to see more of Malice and of course when you look at her fitness-level physique it's easy to understand why.  We even had one fan so taken by her that he offered to pay for a custom video and we were more than happy to produce it for him.

In this video Malice is the class leader in a new academic program at her college called 'Women's Studies'.  It's all about teaching and empowering young impressionable female minds about the contributions to society that women have made throughout history.  And that women are the ones who are in control even over the truly weaker sex...men!

So when one of the men from her college seemingly takes interest in participating in the course she invites him over to her place to help him further his understanding of what it means to appreciate a powerful woman.  Of course the only thing that's really on his mind is appreciating what is under this powerful woman's shorts.  After laying his hands on her knees Malice is glad to show him that her mind isn't the only powerful thing in her female arsenal!

This video features Malice in two different outfits.  The first is Malice wearing tight green booty shorts, socks and a white top that really show of her killer legs and overall physique.  After working the male classmate over for the first 15 minutes and knocking him out in an eye-popping front head scissors she decides it's time to get ready for her class.

She comes back into the room with him still laying on the floor in a semi-conscious state wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit.  While straddling and standing over his head she lifts her skirt and tells him she's got a few more minutes before class to really finish him off!

So check out fan-favorite Malice in her first ScissorVixen custom video teaching men their real place in society in 'Women's SCISSOR Studies'!


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