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SVDL-905 "Beating Up the Babbler!" Preview and Download Page

Beating Up the Babbler!


Pocahontas Jones




High Definition


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Video Description

GORGEOUS CUTIE Pocahontas Jones returns and teaches her real-life boyfriend just how LETHAL her thighs can be!

When we first met Pocahontas Jones we weren't sure this girl-next-door cutie had what it took to make a man submit between her thighs.  She quickly erased any doubt that she indeed had the skill and leg power to not only make most men tap-out but also put you to sleep if you refused to submit in time!

So when we met her real-life boyfriend he seemed like a good candidate to silence another doubter and indeed he was full of confidence before the shoot.  And when we asked Pocahontas if she has any problem giving him 100% scissor power she immediately replied..."Oh?don't worry...I will F*CK him up!".  Once Pocahontas wrapped her long legs around his neck and gave him a little taste of what she's capable of his smug "I can take anything she dishes out!" smirk quickly turned into a "Oh god...what have I gotten myself into!?" look of panic!

In fact...the very first scissor hold Pocahontas put him in during the video forced 3 tap-outs in less than one minute!  He was breathing very heavy and doing all he could not to go nighty-night!  Lucky for him Pocahontas is experienced enough to recognize when her victim is on the verge of passing out and knows how to let up just before he does.

In this video Pocahontas is reading a book while her boyfriend enters the room babbling about meaningless non-sense that she has no interest in listening to.  She warns him a few times to shut up but he ignores her and continues to yap away! 

Then Pocahontas offers him a massage to calm him down but once she positions him in front on the floor between her thighs that's when she pulls his head back and clamps her CRUSHERS around his neck to shut him up for good!

If you like watching a bigger guy (over 6 ft. tall) experience what it's like to get scissored for the first time and finding out it's not all 'fun and games' then you'll love watching Pocahontas Jones cutting her real-life boyfriend down to size in 'Beating Up the Babbler!'.


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