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SVDL-904 "I've Got All Day To Kick Your Ass Now!" Preview and Download Page

I've Got All Day To Kick Your Ass Now!


Rose Red




High Definition


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Video Description

Check out GORGEOUS new ScissorVixen Rose Red as she CRUSHES her victim between her muscular and powerful thighs!

We've shot with quite a few gorgeous red-heads over the years and Rose Red is a beautiful as any of them!  But don't let her girl-next-door pretty looks fool you...Rose Red has a KILLER body from head to toe and her legs pack one powerful scissor-punch!

She has a strong athletic background and is currently in college majoring in sports nutrition and exercise physiology.  Looking at her terrific physique it's quite obvious she practices what she learns!  And in her debut ScissorVixen video she learns how to use her gorgeous and VERY POWERFUL THIGHS and ass to make any man whimper and beg for mercy!

When Rose Red realizes that she's going to miss her flight because her ride to the airport is running way too late she tells her friend on the phone that she can't wait to beat the shit out of him when he arrives.  So when the incompetent driver finally shows up and tries to explain what happened that's when Rose pulls up her tight skirt revealing her man-crushers and goes to work on his skull!

He begins to plead and beg for mercy telling her he's got other people to pick up but that's when Rose tells him that after missing her flight she's got all day now to kick his ass!

Many times we don't know what to expect from a newbie ScissorVixen until she actually wraps her thighs around her victim and pours on the pressure.  But in Rose Red's case her thighs exploded with power once she locked her ankles, straightened her legs and cranked on the pressure!  It was written all over the victim's face that this was going to be one rough video to get through and he admitted that he was ready to tap-out within seconds of her first scissor hold around his neck!

And when you watch Rose Red grapevine him you'll LOVE the way her incredible tight ass looks flexed as she stretches his legs out and begins to pelvic-thrust him over and over again!

So check out our latest redheaded beauty, Rose Red, in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'I've Got All Day To Kick Your Ass Now!'.


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