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SVDL-903 "Lethal Legs Lizzy!!" Preview and Download Page

Lethal Legs Lizzy


Jolene Hexx




High Definition


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Video Description

The always beautiful Jolene Hexx returns to ScissorVixens.com more LETHAL than ever!

We first shot Jolene Hexx (aka Karma) several years ago and at that time we were quite shocked at just how VICIOUS her scissors were!  But Jolene is ALL LEGS and a dancer so when you add it up it really should be no surprise that her legs can make most men beg for mercy in a matter of seconds!

Fast forward to the present and Jolene is not only far more experienced (we were her first scissor shoot several years ago) at wrapping men up in her brutal scissor holds but she is also MUCH STRONGER!

She told us she spends plenty of time in the gym working out naming the adductor (inner thigh) machine one of her favorite exercises.  And one feel of her thighs around your neck or body almost makes you wanna feel sorry for those helpless exercise machines!

In this video Jolene plays the fitting role of a female assassin. She's been sent to collect some overdue money from a 'customer' of her boss.

So when she sneaks into his house through the sliding glass door and wakes him up him he immediately recognizes her from an earlier beating she gave him and begins to plead for his life!

"No! No! please...I beg you...I'll get the money but I just don't have it right now!...PLEEEEEASE! Don't do this!".

But his pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears as Jolene slowly puts on a pair of long, black nylon gloves preparing herself for the task at hand.  A task she, and her powerful thighs, are so very efficient at and one for which she is known as 'Lethal Legs Lizzy'!.

Folks...this video was absolutely BRUTAL!  One of the first scissor holds Jolene (aka Lethal Legs Lizzy) wrapped me up in was a bodyscissors which I thought I was going to pass-out from in a matter of seconds!  I knew right then that the rest of the video was going to be HELL and it was nothing short of that!

So for you Jolene Hexx fans you definitely want to check out her sexiest and most lethal ScissorVixen role yet as 'Lethal Legs Lizzy'!


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