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SVDL-901 Daisy 'The Skull CRUSHER' Ducati Preview and Download Page

Daisy 'The Skull CRUSHER' Ducati


Daisy Ducati




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Video Description

BEAUTIFUL Daisy Ducati is a statuesque 5'10" tall with LOOOONG, lean legs that can generate incredible SQUEEEEZING power!

We've been in communication with Daisy Ducati for a few years now initially contacting her when we saw her Twitter page.  Obviously what caught our attention was her LOOONG LEGS and exotic looks.  Her ethnicity is quite diverse and is a mix of German, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Cuban and Native American.

During the AVNs (adult entertainment awards event) this year in Las Vegas I saw this strikingly tall and gorgeous dark-skinned model walking towards me and by the time I realized it was Daisy Ducati she was already lost in the crowd.  When I contacted her a few weeks after the event and told her I saw her there she said she would have loved to shoot with us then had she known we were there too.

So now we are very happy to finally feature Daisy Ducati on ScissorVixens.com! 

Like many other models on our site Daisy also wrestles competitively against other girls for Ultimate Surrender.  She told us what she is known for is her BRUTAL bodyscissors and for being able to coil her long legs around her opponents and squeeze like a boa constrictor!

In addition to having the perfect legs for the job Daisy is also VERY good with the dialogue!  In fact she's so good at being dominant while squeezing the living daylights out of you we get the impression she 'gets off' on it!  Maybe that's why she was recently nominated as a finalist by The Fanny's Exxxotica Fans Choice Awards for the kinkiest adult actress! For Daisy's debut video she is getting bored with her boring boyfriend wearing the same boring black t-shirt with a boring skull on it.  After suggesting he tries wearing something different for a change he says he can't because he belongs to a gang known as 'The Skull Crushers' and it's required attire.

So Daisy decides she wants to join the gang as well and is ready to show him she's every bit the Skull CRUSHER he and his friends are and more!

Daisy is absolutely terrific in this video as it's obvious we are working with a very experienced SQUEEEEZER who moves from one lethal scissor hold to the next with ease!  When she first wraps her long lean legs around her victim's torso for her trademark rib-crushing bodyscissors you can see the agony on his face as she squeezes every ounce of air from his lungs!  Then it's on to his neck!  Her legs are not only long and lean but thin enough that they dig right into your neck like a steel cable making you want to tap out almost immediately.  And tap out he does many times in this video as Daisy's legs are just too much for him to take for any length of time.

Daisy has one of the sexiest reverse head scissors we've ever seen!  She needed to instruction on one of our favorite reverse head scissors techniques where the ScissorVixen flexes her glutes in-and-out to really add to the humiliation and punishment and Daisy instinctively did it to perfection!

Daisy also demonstrates just how easy it is for her to wrap you up with no hope of escape in her figure-4 bodyscissors.  She told us she likes that one because once she locks up her victim she can just sit back and relax while he/she struggles to break free much like a fly trying to escape a spider web....HOPELESS!

And lastly...Daisy's ability to arch high in the air while applying a straight leg scissorsfrom behind is enough to decapitate you if she wanted to!  Of course she earned a few frantic tap-outs with that one as well!

So check out the long-legged and lethal Daisy Ducati in her debut ScissorVixen video titled Daisy 'The Skull CRUSHER' Ducati!


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