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Sablique Von Lux




High Definition


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Video Description

6' tall (barefoot) fashion model turned pro domme Sablique Von Lux debuts on ScissorVixens.com!

**Note:  This video was cut short at the 24-minute mark after our new victim could no longer go on.  After tapping out several times throughout the video he asked for a break after a brutal side neck scissor which caused him to get nauseous and dizzy.  After several trips to the bathroom to vomit we decided there was no way he could continue.  The full video download includes a short interview at the end with our victim explaining just how shocked he was by the power of Sablique's thighs and answering a few other questions.  It also includes video footage of him rushing to the bathroom to vomit one last time while we were in the middle of the interview.  We conclude the interview by asking Sablique a few questions as well as providing her contact information.**

Although Sablique claims to be only 6 foot tall you'd think she was much taller when standing next to her as her LEGS GO ON FOREVER!  And it's those legs that can really do some serious damage as you will see in her debut ScissorVixens video!

I couldn't help myself but to ask Sablique to put me in a bodyscissors before we started shooting the video to see what her loooooong legs could do.  What they did was nearly make me throw-up my breakfast right there on the couch!  Sablique decided to give me 100% pressure immediately and I wasn't quite ready for it!  After feeling what her legs could do it was time for me to resume a much safer position from behind the camera and let our newbie victim find out what a real HIGH PRESSURE job is like playing the 'victim' for ScissorVixens.com!

In her debut video Sablique can't wait for her friends to come over for the pool party she has planned.  But when her incompetent pool-boy does everything except clean the pool she drags him back into the house and dunks him in her SCISSORS!

This was our victim's first time getting scissored and as explained in the note above it will most likely be his last!  Right from the start he had the look of total SCISSOR-SHOCK on his face having no idea just how powerful a pair of long female legs can be!

We have to give him plenty of credit however as he did his best to survive the entire video but eventually his body said "No More!" after 24 minutes and we had to end the video there.

So check out GORGEOUS Las Vegas domme Sablique Von Lux in her debut ScissorVixens video titled 'Scissor-dunked!'.


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