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Maria Garcia




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Video Description

We want more Maria Garcia!...WE WANT MORE MARIA GARCIA!!!

Ok...so we've heard you and here you go...MORE Maria Garcia now more skilled and MORE LETHAL than the first time we shot with her!

Arriving in Vegas fresh off of another pro-level figure competition Maria Garcia is in spectacular physical shape!  When we picked her up at the airport the first thing on her mind was eating breakfast and plenty of it after several months of hard dieting.  And as she put it..."You want to make sure I have enough strength to scissor you before our video...don't you!?".

Well...to be honest knowing how strong she was a year ago when we first shot with her I wasn't sure I wanted her fueling up before this video since this time...I was on my own.  30-minutes of pure SCISSOR-HELL between Maria's ridiculously muscular and steel-like SKULL-CRUSHERS!  I mean...there is not one ounce of fat on Maria in this video and when she told me to touch her thighs it felt like chiseled rock!

Many of you may notice in this video that I (Drew) have lost some weight so when I told Maria that I am leaner than the last time we shot her reply was..."Good...you are much leaner and I am MUCH STRONGER!".

And boy is she EVER!

In one of the first scissor sequences my head is being SQUEEEEEZED so hard that my face is literally SQUASHED and distorted beyond recognition!

In this video Maria is working with a real-life incident that happened the last time she was in Vegas.  Not only is Maria Garcia a pro-level figure competitor but she is also an exotic pole dancer which explains her DEATH GRIP once she wraps her thighs around your neck!.  She told us the last time she visited Sin City she was denied the opportunity to dance because she did not have a work Visa to do so.

So we decided to continue her real-life story and end it the way only we at ScissorVixens.com know how...CRUSHING SCISSOR HOLD after CRUSHING SCISSOR HOLD!

Folks...this was pure scissor-survival for me as often feared some serious damage was going to happen due to my stubborn ability to somehow refrain from tapping out!  And trust me...I paid for it with plenty of broken blood vessels, puffy eyes and a pounding headache afterwards!  I thought my head was going to literally be severed from my shoulders more than a few times!

So for you MANY Maria Garcia fans you do NOT want to miss her in her ScissorVixens video titled 'SCISSOR Visa'!!!!!


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