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SVDL-884 "Give Me the Code Or Get CRUSHED!" Preview and Download Page

Give Me the Code Or Get CRUSHED!


Goddess Amadahy




High Definition


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Video Description

She's SADISTIC! She's VICIOUS! She's BRUTAL and she LOVES KNOCKING HER VICTIMS OUT!  She is of course Goddess Amadahy!

This was a custom video request in which Goddess Amadahy plays the role of an assassin skilled in the art of torture designed to extract information from her targets.  In this case she arrives at the house of a leading scientist with information she's been hired to obtain. 

She knocks on his door innocently dressed in a white blouse and jeans asking to use his phone after her car broke down.  But when he turns his back to her while leading her into his house she knocks him out cold with a powerful karate chop to his neck!  He then slowly wakes up and finds his hands tied to the back of a chair while she begins her interrogation dressed in a black leotard with red stockings. 

In the beginning of the interrogation Goddess Amadahy nearly pops his head off (FOR REAL!) in one of the most vicious rear-naked choke holds we've ever seen! (it's one of the members area video clips).  I was actually getting scared from behind the camera that she was going to literally break his neck!  In fact I signaled Goddess Amadahy to let loose of the strangle hold because I noticed his frantic contortions and kicking around were slowing down...a sure sign he was on his way out which he was!

Throughout the course of this video our victim gets knocked out numerous times (again...for REAL).  These aren't the snorting, convulsing type of knockouts but rather slowly putting him to sleep "What the hell just happened!?" type of knockouts where he loses consciousness for a few seconds or more before regaining his bearings. 

After the shoot we found out that the victim seemed to have rubbed Goddess Amadahy the wrong way at the beginning of the shoot which is something anyone who knows her would NEVER do on purpose!  So the result is an absolute BRUTAL scissor beating!

There is no doubt that in real-life Goddess Amadahy would serve as a very effective interrogator and we're sure you'll agree after you watch her in action in 'Give Me the Code or GET CRUSHED!'.


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  31 minutes 

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