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Top SCISSOR Condition!






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Video Description

Standing at 6'4" tall barefoot is former college volleyball player Vanessa who is one of the tallest AMAZONS we've ever worked with!

When Vanessa first arrived at our studios and had to practically duck to walk through the door I was a bit worried about what I've gotten myself into!  I've been scissored by a few taller girls over the years but very few over 6' tall and very few with the kind of athletic background as Vanessa.  Volleyball and basketball were the two sports she excelled at the most in both the high school and college level. 

And with Vanessa's athletic background her legs not only go on forever they are very solid and athletic which means it was one of the most BRUTAL scissor videos I've ever had to endure!  In fact...after I somehow managed to survive the video with the help of many much needed breaks along the way I noticed quite a few red dots (broken blood vessels) on my face afterwards.  A sure sign of an EXTREME SCISSOR BEATING!

In Vanessa's debut ScissorVixens video she's been told by her school's athletic trainer that she needs to workout more on the weekend.  He tells her that she's been slacking and not giving 100% effort during strength training and with a big volleyball tournament coming up in a few days he wants to make sure she's in top condition.  So when Vanessa finally shows up to his house for the required training she tells him she has a better idea on how to get into top condition...'Top SCISSOR Condition' that is!

Watch the 6'4" tall Vanessa completely DESTROY her much smaller strength coach by showing him just how STRONG her THIGHS really are!  After complaining that her vertical jumps aren't as high as they need to be in order to spike the ball she shows him just how vertical his neck can be by 'spiking' it with her long, powerful thighs!

This is one of the most brutal scissor videos Drew has had to endure in a long time so if you like your ScissorVixens tall and athletic then you're going to LOVE Vanessa in her debut ScissorVixens video titled 'Top SCISSOR Condition!'.


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