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Free SCISSORS for Locals!






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Video Description

Rapture RETURNS and we know you're going to LOVE her new look!  Bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever!!

When we learned that Rapture had reappeared on the session scene we couldn't wait to shoot with her again ASAP!  And when Rapture showed up at our Las Vegas studio we couldn't believe how much size and muscle she's developed since the first time we shot with her a few years ago!  The first thing that jumped out at us were her THIGHS!  She was wearing tight, grey spandex that her muscular thighs appeared to be stretching to their limits.  She proudly told us that "I can now SQUEEZE 500 lbs of pressure between my thighs!" as if to warn us what we were in for!  The last time we shot with her 350 lbs was her limit.  But one look at her thighs and I knew not only were they much larger but no doubt much more powerful!

The victim in this video was supposed to work with Rapture a few years ago but due to personal business reasons wasn't able to.  And ever since he first saw Rapture on our site a few years ago he has been regretting missing that opportunity ever since.  But now he finally got the chance to feel the power of Rapture's CRUSHERS and as you will see in this video it fits into the category of that classic clich?.."Be careful what you ask for!".

In this video Rapture is annoyed by a local customer at the Las Vegas strip bar where she dances.  As a local he gets certain privileges like free admission and a huge discount on drinks but after spending nearly 30 minutes chatting with Rapture feels as though he's entitled to a free lap-dance as well.  So when Rapture sets him straight and gives him an attitude he reports her to the manager and Rapture then storms out of the club!

But little does he know that Rapture is waiting to follow him home to give him something else for free!

In this video Rapture is BIGGER, STRONGER and MORE POWERFUL than EVER and she absolutely DESTROYS her victim using those long, insanely sexy but lethal legs of hers!  He hangs in there for the first 10 minutes or so  of the video despite being SQUEEEEZED senseless but after that her legs finally take their toll and the tap-outs start adding up very quickly!

So for you Rapture fans you DO NOT want to miss this video! 

Rapture is back and we know you're going to love her knew look and attitude in 'Free SCISSORS for Locals!'.


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