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SVDL-873 "CRUSHING the Lawn Boy!" Preview and Download Page

CRUSHING the Lawn Boy!


Megan Jones




High Definition


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Video Description

When we first shot with Miami native and Hispanic hottie Megan Jones she was sporting blonde hair.  Now she returns to ScissorVixens.com in her natural dark hair and more importantly BIGGER and more POWERFUL LEGS then the last time!  She warned us..."Whoever is getting caught between my legs is going to be in trouble because they're much stronger then before!" and holy cow she wasn't joking!  Even though I wasn't the victim this time around I couldn't help but ask Megan to give me a small sample of her new improved scissors and let me tell you...it was BRUTAL! 

She told me that since that first shoot with us almost 2 years ago she's been doing a lot of sessions and plenty of scissoring in which most guys can't take more than 40 to 50 percent of her squeeze before tapping-out!  And for this video her victim wasn't a scissor-newbie.  He's been scissored before for another site but when I told him this wasn't going to be a quick 5 to 10 minute scissor video but a long, torturous 30 minutes of getting CRUSHED between Megan's thighs he still seemed confident.  After about 15 minutes (halfway through the video) Megan's thighs take their toll on his skinny body and neck and he's barely able to even speak or utter a sound!  In fact we had to stop filming about 3 or 4 times to make sure he was still able to go on after being squeezed into semi-consciousness on several occasions!  When it was all over we had to do the 'knockout test' to make sure he knew what day it was and how many fingers we were holding up!

In this video Megan is angry about hiring young lawn boys to trim her bushes but never doing the job right!  So when she goes outside to inspect his work and sees that he messed up as well she comes back in and tells him he's not getting paid.  But when he demands payment she says..."Ok...let me show you how to trim the bushes the right way!" and pulls him into a BRUTAL head scissors!

Megan squeeeeeezes with 100% effort in this video and with her big legs and butt that means this lawn boy will be lucky to survive!  Plenty of eye-popping scissor holds of every kind including reverse head scissors that cause the lawn boy to gurgle as he's literally being strangled between her powerful thighs and butt!

So check out Megan Jones better than ever in 'CRUSHING the Lawn Boy!'.


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