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SVDL-832 "Witness For the SCISSORCUTION!" Preview and Download Page

Witness For the SCISSORCUTION!


Nirvana Angel




High Definition


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Video Description

Gorgeous new ScissorVixen, Nirvana Angel, knows just how POWERFUL her thighs are and she isn't afraid to use them to make you talk!

New ScissorVixen, Nirvana Angel, told us that her favorite gym exercises are anything that works her legs.  Squats, lunges, leg press, inner-thigh machine, etc. She takes a lot of pride in how her muscular thighs look in a mini-skirt with her solid quad muscles busting through the seams with each step she takes.  Now watch her nearly bust her victim's skull with every powerful scissor hold she CRUSHES him with!

In her debut video Nirvana Angel is a lead prosecutor called in to BREAK an unwilling witness who doesn't want anything to do with testifying against one of his friends.  When he tells the police officer trying to get him to agree to testify that it's never going to happen that's when the police officer warns him that he's going to talk once Nirvana Angel gets a hold of him!  So the officer leaves the room and sends in Nirvana Angel to do her thing which is forcing stubborn witnesses to talk when they don't want to talk.  But with thighs like Nirvana Angel's wrapped around his neck he's going to do more than talk...he's going to be screaming in agony and begging for mercy!

Nirvana Angel not only loves breaking men down one scissor hold at a time but she also loves verbally taunting them and letting them know there's no hope of escape between her powerful, muscular thighs!  She works her victim over in eye-popping front headscissors, reverse figure-4's that nearly overwhelm him with her muscular ass and grapevines that almost split him in half like a wishbone!

In the end Nirvana Angel gets what she always wants and that is one more broken man surrendering to the relentless power of her SQUEEEEEZE and agreeing to any terms she commands!

So check out Nirvana Angel in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Witness For the Scissorcution!'.


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  30 minutes 

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