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SVDL-828 "Grinding Up the Fresh Meat!" Preview and Download Page

Grinding Up the Fresh Meat!


Goddess Amadahy




High Definition


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Video Description

Gorgeous, sadistic, dominant, athletic and can squeeeeeze the living daylights out of you! Welcome Goddess Amadahy to the ScissorVixens.com lineup!

We were told about Goddess Amadahy by a few ScissorVixens.com fans as well as another producer who had worked with her before.  So when we contacted her she immediately responded and assured us she knew all about making men beg for mercy between her very long and very strong thighs!

When she walked into our shoot I could tell this strikingly beautiful girl at only 20 years old was far more mature and self-assured then most young women her age.  She likes to look you right into your eyes and immediately take control of your mind with her intimidating glare.  Then once she has you under her spell that's when she takes control of your body by breaking you with her powerful scissors holds!

In fact...Goddess Amadahy actually KNOCKED OUT her 115 lb. victim in the first picture you see above!  Although he's conscious at the moment this picture was taken he succumbs to the pressure of her brutal throat scissors about a second later while in this same hold.  The actual KNOCK OUT photo is in the members photo gallery for this video and is photo 0043 and 0044. We even had to stop taking photos and bring him back to consciousness!  He had no idea what happened and didn't even realize he was totally knocked out after we told him!

Folks...when you watch Goddess Amadahy in action in this video you can tell dominating, overpowering and making her smaller (again...he's only 115 lbs!) victim wince in pain and scream in agony totally gets her off!  She LOVES IT and it certainly shows!

In her debut ScissorVixen video Goddess Amadahy pretty much plays herself...a demanding domme who has little patience for newbie submissives who aren't quite prepared to take the kind of punishment she's accustomed to dishing out.  So when the timid male enters her domain and takes a few missteps like not taking his shoes off in her presence she realizes he must be BROKEN and she has the lethal-legs perfect for the job!

Instead of referring to him as her slave she decides to demoralize him even more by calling him 'fresh meat'.  She then commands him..."Fresh meat...take off your shirt and then come over here!".

Then she informs him that he must first be broken before being worthy enough to be called one of her slaves and tells him that she's going to break him one CRUSHING scissor hold after the other!

Watch as Goddess Amadahy tortures this 'aspiring' slave with BRUTAL scissor hold after BRUTAL scissor hold and some of the sexiest pulsating scissors and butt-clenching reverse head scissors we've ever seen!

Trust us?you DO NOT want to miss Goddess Amadahy in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Grinding Up the Fresh Meat!'.


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