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SVDL-747 "Vivan's First Squeeze!" Preview and Download Page

Vivian's First Squeeze!


Vicious Vivian




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Video Description

When I first met Vivian she was prancing around my friend's house in only a t-shirt and her underwear but didn't seem shy about meeting a complete stranger while dressed so scantily.  She was wearing her hair tied back, glasses and no make-up but I could tell she was one of those girls who could quickly transform herself into a knockout...uhhhh...in more ways than one!

So when she found out the type of videos I produce she didn't hesitate to show me her legs.  Now it was obvious Vivian had some kind of athletic background (she later told us she played soccer for many years) as her legs were very long and firm.  But I couldn't help but notice all of the bruises on her thighs and had to ask her how she got them.  And when she told me how she banged-up her legs so badly I knew she was most definitely ScissorVixen material!  She went on to explain..."Well...you see...I uhhh...well...I like to wrestle because it turns me on!".  At this point I wasn't sure if Vivian was pulling my leg or not so I asked her if wrestling was some kind of foreplay for her to which she responded..."Yes...absolutely!  I love the physical struggle during a wrestling match and sooner or later I will wear you down and then I'm in control the rest of the way...I love it!".  I knew at this point Vivian wasn't acting or telling me what I wanted to hear?this girl was as genuinely dominant as they come!

I then told Vivian that unfortunately I had to wait for her bruises to heal before shooting with her but that I would be back down to Philly in a few weeks and we would shoot then.  Needless to say she couldn't wait and neither could we!

So in Vivian's first ScissorVixen video we decide to teach her how to use those long, powerful thighs of hers in getting the 'upper leg' on her opponent the next time she wants to wear him down (before having her way with him)!  Just watch the intensity on Vivian's face as she CRANKS on some serious pressure while holding nothing back!  A few times after sensing her victims can't take it anymore she lets up and with a cocky smirk on her face asks the same rhetorical question..."Had enough yet!?".

So while both of Vivian's victims no doubt had enough after nearly 30 TORTUROUS minutes between her thighs we're sure you won't be able to get enough of Vivian after watching her ScissorVixen debut video titled 'Vivian's First Squeeze!'.


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