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SVDL-733 "The Scissoring Amazons!" Preview and Download Page

The Scissoring Amazons!


Paige Erin Turner and Becky LeSabre




High Definition


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Video Description

Two gorgeous Amazons each standing nearly 6 ft. tall barefoot wrapping their endlessly LONG LEGS around their much shorter male victims and squeeeezing with everything they've got!  Watch as new ScissorVixen, Paige Erin Turner and her partner in scissoring-crime, Becky LeSabre, SQUEEEEEZE the daylights, and nearly the life, out of Drew and Jason in 2-on-1 scissor action!

First up is Jason who thinks he's going to get lucky when the two towering Amazons bring him back to their apartment and up to their bedroom.  He pulls his shirt off thinking he's going to get 'busy' but what he's about to get is busted-up by their long, powerful thighs in an excruciating 2-on-1  scissor beatdown!  They start out with Becky working on his neck and Paige nearly snapping him in half with her legs around his body.  Then they switch positions and do it all over again.  After some 2-on-1 scissor action they decide to take turns with one girl busting him up between her thighs while the other sits on the sidelines rooting her on.  After having their fun with him they finally decide it's time to knock him out! Watch as Becky secures his neck in an eye-popping reverse headscissors off of the edge of the bed while Paige squeezes whatever oxygen he has left from his body in a python-like bodyscissors!  Then they count down from three and when they reach one they SQUEEEEEEEZE with everything they've got sending the poor man to la-la-land.

But of course that was way too much fun and they're not about to let it all end there. So they decide to go out and get another little victim.  Once again the unsuspecting man has no idea what he's about to endure as both girls escort him into their living room this time with each girl latched on to one arm.  And just when he thinks he's about to get lucky as well he gets the same double-team scissor assault as the first guy before succumbing to their deadly thighs just like the first guy! 

So for those who have ever fantasized about having two long-legged Amazons wrapping you up between their thighs and thinking how that would be like dying and going to heaven you might think otherwise after watching Paige and Becky put these two guys through SCISSOR HELL!

So check out Paige Erin Turner in her debut ScissorVixen video teaming up with Becky LeSabre in 'The Scissoring Amazons!'


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Compression Format:   Window Media Video 9

Video Length:

  31 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  690 MB


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