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SVDL-724 Kristen's 'Scissor Cure' for TMJ Preview and Download Page

Kristen's 'Scissor Cure' for TMJ


Kristen Krush




High Definition


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Video Description

Kristen Krush returns to ScissorVixens.com and this time she only wants to help.  Unfortunately for the guy she's trying to help she seems to be making matters worse than better!

While sitting in the dentist's office waiting to have his chronic TMJ (problems with his jaw) condition examined in walks a tall, leggy blonde wearing a short black dress and high-heels.  When she bends over to grab a magazine from the table he can't help but take a peek at her incredible legs and calves!

After sitting down, with her dress hiked-up fully exposing her gorgeous thighs, she asks him what he's there to see the dentist for. So when he tells her he's having problems with his jaw and something called TMJ she tells him she's got the cure!

She explains how her boyfriend had the same problem and while wrestling around with him surprisingly cured it after crushing him in a few head scissors and offers to do the same to him.  Somewhat curious and cautious at the same time he agrees to let the beautiful blonde give it a try!

However...it's not long after she wraps her steel-cable thighs around his neck that he'd much rather sit on a dentist chair than suffer the kind of pain he's currently suffering between her thighs!  But Kristen Krush is determined to fix his jaw and tells him she's not going to stop until she hears that loud popping sound she heard when curing her boyfriends TMJ!

Kristen Krush is sexier than ever in this video and those legs of hers are an absolute joy to watch in scissor action!  Of course they are an absolute torture for anyone caught between them as well!  Just watch the muscles in her legs pop in several of the scissor sequences as her victim is forced to tap-out over and over again!

In the end she finally hears the loud pop after a brutal and crushing front head scissors.  And although his TMJ may now be cured he's going to have to see a chiropractor next to align his neck with his spine!

So...the next time you have a problem with your jaw you might want to wrestle around with your sweetheart and if you don't have one...you can always contact Kristen Krush since she's got Kristen's 'Scissor Cure' for TMJ!


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