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SVDL-682 "Scissoring the Jobber!" Preview and Download Page

Scissoring the Jobber!


Baby Blake




High Definition


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Video Description

Baby Blake brings her sexy scissoring charm and jaw-cracking muscular calves and thighs to ScissorVixens.com in her first video!  Watch what happens when a guy shows up answering her add looking for male 'volunteers' for a scissor video and he tells her his compensation for the video will be $300.00 cash and no checks.  Oh boy!  This is NOT what Baby Blake wanted to hear as she tells him that the ad specified VOLUNTEERS and points out that he will be getting a free session worth $300.00 as it is.  He then tells her that he's a professional jobber (a term used for guys who get paid for playing the role of victim) and expects to be paid. 

After hearing enough from the jobber Baby Blake suggest they start shooting the video and can discuss the payment details later.  And what he gets next is a heavy and very painful dose of Baby Blake's mind-blowing calves (a pair of the most muscular calves we've ever seen on ScissorVixens.com!) and powerful skull-crushing thighs!  Watch as she wraps her thighs tightly around his neck in eye-popping figure-4's and once he's locked in with no way out she starts to flex her calf muscles to huge softball proportions digging into his neck and throat!  But it's not just her punishing calves that do him in as she uses her huge thighs to CRUSH his head and neck in powerful straight-legged scissor holds!

In the end, after 40-plus minutes of Baby Blake's scissor-torture, her victim reconsiders his fee and recants his role as a jobber to which she replies..."Oh...ok...since you're not a jobber anymore...that would make you a session customer in which you now owe me $300.00!  And one more thing...I only take cash!".

Think you can take Baby Blake's killer calves and murderous thighs!?  Then contact her today but be warned?it may cost you much more than her $300.00 session fee!


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Full Download Video Statistics - HD Video

Compression Format:   Window Media Video 9

Video Length:

  42 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

Default Video Size:


Total file size =  940 MB


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