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SVDL-604 "Wenona's Competitive Scissors!" Preview and Download Page

Wenona's Competitive Scissors!






High Definition


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Video Description

We realize the vast majority of our members love seeing an endless barrage of crushing scissor holds in our videos. So we create scenarios in which the female has 100% control with little to no resistance from the male to ensure as many scissor holds as possible.

But wouldn't it be just as exciting if you knew the male was actually trying to avoid getting caught in the ScissorVixen's scissors and despite his best efforts...he still finds himself hopelessly trapped between her thighs over and over again!?

Or how about a game of 'scissor escape' where the ScissorVixen starts out securing a very tight and nearly inescapable scissor hold and the male victim is given a short period of time to escape and if he fails the ScissorVixen is given the signal to pour on the pressure and make him 'tap out or pass out'!?

Welcome to our new 'ScissorVixens Competitive Scissor Series' videos!

The goal of this new series will not be to create a matchup where the male and female are of equal skills resulting in a boring standoff. Rather it will feature women so superior in both physical strength and skill over their male opponent that no matter which way he turns or no matter how much he tries to resist the result will always be the same...getting caught and CRUSHED between the ScissorVixen's thighs!

And when you see our first matchup (or shall we say...mismatch...?) between the gorgeous, tanned, 5'9" tall, 135 rock-solid pounds and chiseled physique of Wenona against her physically inferior pale white, scrawny male 'opponent' (or shall we say...victim...?)...there's no doubt what the results will be!

So check out Wenona in her latest ScissorVixen video debuting our latest ScissorVixen series in a video titled 'Wenona's Competitive Scissors!'.


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Compression Format:   Window Media Video 9

Video Length:

  19 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  418 MB


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