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SVDL-554 "Undercover Squeeze!" Preview and Download Page

Undercover Squeeze!






High Definition


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Video Description

When a German officer decides that he needs a little entertainment while on his latest espionage mission he calls up an escort service. He demands that the escort must be pretty, blonde, speak fluent German and have a killer pair of legs. Little does he realize that US counter intelligence is hot on his trail and are about to deliver him a surprise...an incredibly sexy American undercover agent posing as the escort! He's pleased at what he sees when she arrives but a little annoyed by her inability to understand or speak German as he had requested but is unable to deny the sexy agent's charm and beauty. She flashes her legs at him saying..."I know what you like...you like a girl with a strong pair of legs don't you...?" and then invites him to his bedroom. She tells him to have a seat in front of the chair where she is sitting and proceeds to wrap her strong fishnet-clad thighs around his neck and begins to squeeze! "I know who you are officer Gernot and you have some information I need to know!" she tells him while increasing the eye-popping pressure around his neck. "Are you trying to kill me!?" he asks to which she replies "Officer Gernot...whether you live or die is up to you...". Well...the stubborn officer isn't about to give up that easily and of course the sexy American agent isn't either as she continues to pour on the pressure in an attempt to squeeze the information out of him. She works him over in an array of agonizing scissor holds from standing to front to reverse. At one point she fears she may have killed him before getting what she came for as he slips in and out of consciousness (for real!) while being hopelessly trapped in a long, torturous reverse headscissors on the bed! In the end she finally finds the information that she was looking for on a small device he had hidden in a drawer and tells him..."Since I had to find this on my own without you giving me the information...now comes the fun part...you get to die!". Another example of "be careful what you whish for" as in the case of this German officer's wish for an escort with a pair of KILLER legs!


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Compression Format:   Window Media Video 9

Video Length:

  32 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

Default Video Size:


Total file size =  724 MB


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