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Most Current Scissors






High Definition


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Video Description

Drew finds out the hard way that insulting a seasoned ScissorVixen isn't too wise and Tomiko decides to teach him a lesson when he does just that to her! Drew asks Tomiko for her most current pictures to be certain she's still in tip-top scissoring shape. Tomiko sends him the pics he requests and when they finally meet for her latest video shoot...she also shows him her 'Most Current Scissors'! Tomiko tells him she's in better shape than ever hitting the gym almost every day and Drew agrees noticing her impressive biceps but it's her signature legs that he's about to notice real soon. Before his partner, Kandor, arrives to the shoot she decides to show him just how strong her scissors have gotten and pulls a reluctant Drew into a eye-popping front head scissors! She continues working him over and even taunts him at one point speculating how she's about to make the "...world famous Drew...Scissor King of the world..." tapout and submit to her skull crushing head scissors. Drew pleads and begs for her to stop telling her to "save it for the video shoot" but she just keeps going on telling him she'll stop once Kandor shows up. Kandor finally arrives but unfortunately for Drew...it's too late as Tomiko's 'Most Current Scissors' takes it's toll on poor Drew leaving him a broken and helpless mess laying on the floor.


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Compression Format:   Window Media Video 9

Video Length:

  30 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  695 MB

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