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featuring Helen Von Mott



Note: The above pictures are screen captures taken from the actual video!


Art is in the eye of the beholder. Scissorart is in the thighs of the artist! And in "Scissorart," the legendary Helen Von Mott is the "scissorartist," a woman who takes scissor photos and turns them into something artistic. Her date for the evening eyes the art on the wall of her matted studio and she convinces him what a good thing it would be for him to model for more scissoart! So he does and what follows is a non-stop beating of epic proportions, as Helen launches into a brutal barrage of not just mind-blowing and head-cracking scissor holds with her huge, muscular thighs, but a variety of other holds as well that leave him in agony! As flexible as they come for a big powerful lady, Helen winds her long legs and supple arms all over him, bending and stretching and working him into positions that have him screaming. At one point, she digs her chin into his face and makes him howl in pain, adding humiliation to the mix of pain! She also humiliates him by dabbing his face and bald head with makeup, a show of verbal abuse that is second to none! And not to be missed is her wrap-around bodyscissors: While securing him in a front bodyscissors, she wraps her arms around her thighs and squeezes in HARDER! A real rib-snapper for sure! So if scissorart is your thing, let Helen Von Mott paint you a picture with her legs you will NEVER forget!


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  32 minutes 

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