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SVDL-471 "Scissoring Is Believing" Preview and Download Page

Scissoring Is Believing


Lola Lynn




High Definition


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Video Description

You know the old expression..."Seeing is believing"...? Well...in Lola Lynn's latest video...'Scissoring Is Believing'...!! I warned him! I told him not to underestimate Lola Lynn's lethal legs based on her gorgeous MILF-next-door looks and petite body but of course...he didn't listen. He was acting a bit confident, wearing a cocky smirk, and taunting Lola Lynn in the beginning but she quickly scissored that smirk right off of his face! Now guys...I have no idea how or why Lola Lynn has such incredible power between those slender thighs of hers but the fact is she does and let me tell you...it's pure agony once she starts pouring on the pressure as the victim in this video discovered. Of course...the video turned into a scissoring slaughter tap-fest and in fact...Lola Lynn KNOCKS HIM OUT with her favorite scissor hold (a reverse headscissors) about 7 minutes into the video! It happened so quickly and within a second of him tapping out. Lola Lynn began commenting..."Are you serious!? I wasn't even squeezing that hard yet!" when I noticed that disoriented look in his eyes and realized he drifted off into sleepy scissorland. After regaining consciousness it appeared as though he was literally choking on his own words unable to spit them out as he couldn't even speak! Well....he gathered himself, sucked it up, and went on to endure another 20 minutes or so of Lola Lynn's murderous squeeze tapping out within seconds of each one. Needless to say...this guy won't be questioning Lola Lynn's legs anymore and will profess to anyone else that 'Scissoring Is Believing' when Lola Lynn is doing the squeezing!


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Compression Format:   Window Media Video 9

Video Length:

  30 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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