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Scissor Factor

featuring Sunfire




Video Description

Hmm, withstand Sunfire?s punishing scissors and win $10,000? Seems easy, huh? WRONG! In ?Scissor Factor,? Drew is lead to believe that if he's the last contestant standing after a series of crazy stunts and challenges, he?ll walk away wealthy. Little does he know the final and craziest stunt of all is spending a half hour locked in the luscious, man-eating, head-cracking thighs of Sunfire! Come away without whimpering like a bitch, go home rich! Trouble is, Sunfire?s job is to make sure that doesn?t happen and she does so in spectacular style, putting him through the scissored wringer like few women can! This gal LOVES punishing men in her skull-smashing thighs, utilizing every muscle in her 5-5, 158-pound, rock-hard body! Her headscissors leave him breathless, her bodyscissors begging for his life, her figure fours nearly popping his head free of his body! In the end, he?d give his OWN $10,000 just to stop Sunfire?s relentless Scissor Factor!


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  30 minutes 

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