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The Scissor Lock

featuring Mistress Amrita




Video Description

When Amrita, a gorgeous Japanese dominatrix, is in charge of putting the lock on something, it - or he - stays locked! Entrusted with locking up a briefcase, she has it locked in her muscular thighs and no man is gonna get it! One tries, desperately, and cannot budge the briefcase, so Amrita tosses it aside and takes him in place of the briefcase, absolutely crushing his head blue! Her thighs are rock hard and creamy smooth and she uses them every which way she can, including throat scissors so devastating you?d swear she?s gonna pop his head off his shoulders like she?s opening a beer! She is brutality unleashed, burying his face in her sweet butt, pulling him in tight before lathering the sides of his screaming face with her killer thighs for a savage reverse facescissors! Her bodyscissors have him screaming for mercy - and she shows none! She toys with him, sitting on his back and pulling his face in her hands like it were putty, stretching his chubby cheeks into a grotesque mask of agony before returning that face to the killing juncture of her insanely powerful thighs! At one point, she scissors his head AND the briefcase, teasing him with something he cannot get! Amrita is a true ScissorVixen personified: Beautiful and brutal with thighs that could easily kill a man! When she puts on a scissor lock, it?s a lock for life - or death!!


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