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'Dagon's SAVAGE SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page



Dagon Sage

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Full High Definition


Do you really think you could survive the powerful squeeze of my SAVAGE SCISSORS because these two certainly can't!


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Video Description

Your favorite goth muscle babe, Dagon Sage, is back and this time she's really CRANKING UP the PRESSURE with her incredibly POWERFUL and SAVAGE SCISSORS!

She starts out showing off her arms which bicep fans will no doubt be impressed by and then we move to her equally impressive CRUSHERS while she demonstrates on a pillow what it would be like if the pillow was your head!

Well...lucky for you, you can enjoy watching what it's like from the safety of your computer screen but for me and the other victim...it's time for some serious PANIC and PAIN!

Things get SAVAGE fast once Dagon wraps her PYTHONS around his head seemingly toying with him before she takes it up a notch with some VICIOUS scissor snaps followed by cranium-cracking PRESSURE!


Then she looks at the camera and asks..."Do you wanna see his eyes bulge!?" as she has him turn around to face her in a front headscissors and once again...makes him suffer before tapping out over and over again!

And if you like head-popping figure-4's then you'll absolutely love watching Dagon's HUGE thighs do their thing as she flexes her inner-thigh muscles and pours on the PRESSURE once again!

Of course Dagon didn't forget your favorite...the reverse head scissor as she pulls his head in deep for more mind-blowing (literally) pressure!

Well...that was pretty much all he could take and then it was my turn to take the PUNISHMENT!

And of course...the results are the same...more BRUTAL SAVAGE SCISSORS for me including one figure-4 that had me gagging from the pressure before tapping out!

Dagon ends the show with one more REVERSE headscissors that had me seeing stars in no time before frantically tapping out!

In the end she triumphantly stands over me, one foot digging into my chest, as she flexes and asks..."Do you guys think you can handle all of this?" and then gives her session e-mail address for those brave enough to try!

Do don't miss SEXY muscle babe, Dagon Sage, in Dagon's SAVAGE SCISSORS!'.



SVDL-1391 'Dagon's SAVAGE SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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