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"The Schoolgirl Scissor Domme!" Preview and Download Page

The Schoolgirl Scissor Domme!


Brutal Bri

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Full High Definition


He thought he was 'man' enough to sit in my throne but soon found out it was made for 'The Schoolgirl Scissor Domme!'


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Video Description

When we first featured Brutal Bri many of you asked if she offered sessions and at the time of her first video release...she was still undecided.

Well...we are happy to announce that Brutal Bri is ready for those brave enough to stick your neck between her HUGE SKULLCRUSHERS to see how long you can survive before tapping out or taking a nap!

Check out Brutal Bri's ScissorVixens profile page HERE!.

Now she's back and is looking SINFULLY SEXY wearing one of the shortest schoolgirl skirts while showing off one of the BEST combinations of legs and ass we've ever seen!

In fact...she has another nickname she goes by...Bootylicious and one look at those POWERFUL GLUTES, one doesn't have to wonder why!

So it only stands to reason Brutal Bri would have a large, well-cushioned throne to rest that amazing booty on but when she finds a slave sitting on her throne...well, it's time for Brutal Bri - The Schoolgirl Scissor Domme to dish out some BRUTAL punishment with her thighs!

He starts off being arrogant and cocky but that doesn't last very long as The Schoolgirl Scissor Domme is ready to do some serious CRUSHING!

She grabs his head and pushes it down while stepping over his neck to slap on a vicious standing headscissors while telling him..."Welcome to my playground!".

Then lifts herself off of the ground putting her full weight on his neck and forces him to frantically tapout! 

Of course...there will be many more tapouts along the way as Brutal Bri's thighs break him over and over again!

Reverse headscissors have NEVER looked this amazing, or this devastating, as her poor slave can barely last a few seconds!

Of course Brutal Bri decides to toss in a humiliating schoolgirl pin straddling his neck with her full weight while flexing her impressive biceps!

Then she scoops up the back of his head, rolls to her side and tells him..."I'll make you tap sweetheart!" and that she does with ease!

She even gives her helpless slave a chance and lets him pin her arms down while she's flat on her back but OOPS, her POWERFUL LEGS are all she needs as she tosses them up and over his head and whips him down for a DEVASTATING side reverse headscissors!

On and on it goes until the end when 'The Schoolgirl Scissor Domme' gives him the boot and then looks towards the camera and asks..."Now who else thinks they can handle the Scissoring Schoolgirl!?".

Think you can?

We doubt you could!



SVDL-1385 'The Schoolgirl Scissor Domme!' Preview Clip


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