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"Scissor Dummy Gets Broken!" Preview and Download Page

Scissor Dummy Gets Broken!


Paula Diamond



Full High Definition


He showed up thinking he had what it takes to be my next Scissor Dummy but quickly found out...he didn't!


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Video Description

When we asked the very athletic and LEGGY Paula Diamond what her athletic background was...we weren't quite prepared for the long list of sports and activities she listed which include basketball, volleyball, track (long and high jump, hurdles, relay mile and cross country) and becoming the first female BMX state racing champion from Washington state at a very young age!

Currently, Paula Diamond lives in Phoenix, AZ where she trains in jujitsu and taekwondo as well being a total fitness fanatic with plans of competing for the WBFF in the near future!

As for her fetish career...she told us nothing makes her happier than FemmeDomme work where the meaner she can be the better and loves to BRING THE PAIN by way of SCISSOR HOLDS which she admits is her favorite method of BREAKING a man!

Well...bringing the pain is exactly what she does in her debut ScissorVixen video when a potential new scissor slave answers her call by showing up at her 'house of pain' thinking he has what it takes.

He violates rule number one by showing up late which really pisses her off!

"I'll make you sorry!", she tells him right before making him sit in front of the couch while climbing behind him to wrap here LOOONG LETHAL LEGZZZ around his neck!

He soon realizes this is one slave position he's not nearly qualified for as Paul Diamond starts to POUR ON THE PRESSURE forcing him to tap-out in seconds!

Too bad for him...the FUN is just beginning, for her of course, but for him...the nightmare is far from over!

Watch as she absolutely DESTROYS him in one scissor hold after the other and at one point pretending to show compassion and comfort reminding him..."You wanted this!".

Then...it's back to more BRUTAL SCISSORS including some truly breath-robbing bodyscissors that SQUEEZE the last ounces of oxygen from his lungs!

In fact, our victim said he was totally SHOCKED at just how POWERFUL and PAINFUL Paul Diamond's body scissors were compared to many other ScissorVixens that he's been squeezed by over the years!

In the end, after completely BREAKING IN the wannabe scissor slave, she decides he's not quite 'slave' material but decides to make him sign a contract to be her Scissor Dummy instead telling him..."I'll see you next week, now get out!'".

So check out GORGEOUS Phoenix-based dominatrix, Paula Diamond, CRUSHING IT in 'Scissor Dummy Gets Broken!'.



SVDL-1377 'Scissor Dummy Gets Broken!' Preview Clip


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