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'Paid To CRUSH!' Preview and Download Page

Paid To CRUSH!


Sydney Paige



Full High Definition


He thought he was gonna slap me around like the last girl but I'm not the last girl...I'm the girl whose been Paid To CRUSH!


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Video Description

Gorgeous blonde fetish model, Sydney Paige, first contacted us well over a year ago and we were looking forward to trying to set up a shoot with her but then Covid happened.

Fast forward and here she is visiting Vegas and more than ready to CRUSH some heads for us!

Dressed in a SEXY black catsuit, Sydney Paige is ready to POUNCE and with good reason!

She's been hired by a man to be his girl for the night but what he doesn't know is she's been hired to teach him a painful lesson for slapping the last girl around!

"They hired me to take care of you because of my special sets of skills!", she tells him before wrapping her latex-clad thighs around his neck!

Listen as her diabolical laughter taunts him as she tells him to..."Take it like a man!".

Then she traces one of her fingers along the edges of his veins bulging out of his head as the pressure from her figure-4 is more than he can handle!

"My LEGS ARE STRONG BABY!", she tells him as she watches his eyes nearly pop out of his head in a BRUTAL front head scissors!

After working him over on the chair, she decides to finish him up on the bed with a VICIOUS reverse head scissor and reverse figure-4 as well as a humiliating school-girl pin straddling her full weight on his neck while she casually admires her newly painted finger nails!

Near the end she has him fully locked down in her front figure-four head scissors and tells him..."In order to do what I was paid to do, we're going to have to BREAK SOME BONES!".

And what better way than a RIB CRUSHING BODYSCISSORS!?

Listen as the air is SQUEEEEZED out of his lungs moments before snapping a few ribs leaving him in imaginable PAIN!

And that's where the torture ends as she grabs his face and ask..."Did somebody learn their lesson?".

Of course we know the answer is YES!!!

So, if you like to slap women around...you don't want to be around Sydney Paige as she'll be more than happy to slap you around with her POWERFUL THIGHS!


SVDL-1362 'Paid To CRUSH!' Preview Clip


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  20 minutes 

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Total file size =  1.5 GB


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