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"The Black Widow!" Preview and Download Page

The Black Widow!


Onyx Kim

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Full High Definition


I'm known as the Black Widow but unlike the female spider who mates first, this Black Widow goes right for the kill!


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Video Description

This is a custom video in which the tall, leggy Korean cutie named Onyx Kim portrays an assassin who is named after a deadly spider that kills her prey after sex!

But in this scenario, there will be no sex just plenty of pain, torture and ultimately death for her helpless victim!

Watch as the sexy assassin slips into his room while he's sleeping wearing a long coat, high heels and a black thong bikini!

He wakes up and is startled to find her standing beside his bed as she begins to introduce herself while unzipping her coat to reveal her very revealing attire underneath.

She asks him, "Have you ever heard of Black Widow spiders?  Pretty LETHAL type of spiders!".

Then she climbs on top of the man while pinning his arms down and tells him how Black Widows kill their mate after sex but "We're not having sex!".

She then rolls him over into a front head scissors followed by vicious SCISSOR CHOPS while asking him..."Feel tight around your neck...huh!?".

For you HOM (hand over mouth) fans, you'll get plenty of that as The Black Widow loves combining eye-popping pressure while suffocating him with her powerful hands!

And in what our victim told us after the shoot was the most painful hold, watch as The Black Widow pulls his hands through her legs stretching his arms out straight while scissoring his neck with her ankles and feet!

Then it's back to more BRUTAL scissors and figure-4's where at one point, she isn't satisfied with how she initially applies the figure-4 because it's not tight enough so she loosens up a little bit, pulls his chin up and then really tucks her calf underneath his chin to get a BRUTAL GRIP on his neck!

In the end the Black Widow finishes the job in CRUSHING fashion sending him off to the after life in a SKULL-CRUSHING reverse head scissor!

Don't miss Onyx Kim in 'The Black Widow!'.



SVDL-1353 'The Black Widow!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : April-16-2021



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