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"Double Team Revenge" Preview and Download Page

The Scissor Squad - Part 4

'Double Team Revenge!'


Goddess Amanda M. and Speciwoman

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Full High Definition


This bastard and his buddy like to double team unsuspecting women.  We were sent to put an end to that for good!


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Video Description

We first introduced Goddess Amanda M. and her good friend, Speciwoman, several weeks ago showing off the INSANE POWER in their thighs in their own SAVAGE SCISSORS videos.

Now imagine both of these MUSCLE BEAUTIES teaming up to absolutely CRUSH the daylights out of their victim in a 2-on-1 SCISSOR MASSACRE!

Well...in our continuing series titled 'The Scissor Squad' where POWERFUL female vigilantes hunt down and DESTROY men for their wrongdoing towards women, that's exactly what happens in part 4 of our series!

Some men like to play rough and also like to play rough with the help of another friend. 

See what happens when this dirtbag invites his buddy over for a 2-on-1 assault on a female he found on a dating site.

He tells him she's gonna be there in about an hour and to head over for some fun.

But what he doesn't realize is the fun is about to start well before his friend shows up!

While talking on the phone with his buddy, both Scissor Squad vigilantes emerge out of his bathroom and confront him!

He barks back at them asking them who they are and how did they get in his room.

But they aren't there to play games or answer any questions from him...they are there to PUNISH, HUMILIATE, DESTROY and ultimately put him to sleep...for good!

Plenty of BRUTAL 2-on-1 scissors each taking turns CRUSHING his neck while the other nearly snaps his ribs in body scissors!

They work him over as he begs, screams and taps which is exactly what they want as the punishment continues!

Then he makes the big mistake of calling them crazy bitches which only infuriates the muscle vigilantes even more!

They hang his head off the edge of the bed to really turn up the PRESSURE in standing front and reverse head scissors while once again, the other wraps around his stomach like an anaconda slowly SQUEEEEEZING the breath, and life, out of him!

But it's not over yet!

They drag him to the floor like the dog he is and sit him in front of the couch for some tag-team scissor torture taking turns CRUSHING him from behind including VICIOUS SCISSOR SNAPS that nearly decapitate him!

Ahhh...but at last...time to put an end to it all!

Watch as Goddess Amanda M. pulls his head up into a TIGHT and LETHAL reverse head scissor as Speciwoman cheers her on saying..."FINISH HIM!".

And FINISH HIM she does!

In the end while sitting next to his lifeless body, they give each other an intimate kiss on the lips for another job well done!

So check IFBB competitors, Goddess Amanda M. and Speciwoman, snuffing out another scumbag from society in The Scissor Squad - Part 4 'Double Team Revenge!'



SVDL-1351 'Double Team Revenge!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : March-17-2021



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