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 SVDL-1345 "ScissorVixen 600!" Preview and Download Page

ScissorVixen 600!


Onyx Kim



Full High Definition


I'm so honored to be the 600th ScissorVixen model I've decided to honor Drew with 600 SCISSORS!


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Video Description

ScissorVixens was launched in May of 2004 to become the FIRST all-scissor site on the internet and where we introduced our first 4 ScissorVixens, one of which was a slender but surprisingly powerful Korean named Kyla!

Several years after first working with the legendary Kyla (and shooting many more videos with her over the years) we had learned, and were incredibly saddened, by her untimely passing.

Fast forward over 16 years later and we have reached our 600th ScissorVixen...a number no other scissor site can even come close to matching!

And as if Kyla's scissoring spirit has been reborn...we now introduce you to ScissorVixen 600, a beautiful, tall, leggy Korean named Onyx Kim who's slender thighs have the grip of an anaconda as she's been told by many session customers who have felt their power!

When Onyx learns she's ScissorVixen 600...she decides it would only be fitting for Drew to endure 600 scissors from her, one for each ScissorVixen he's been squeezed by over the years!

Drew tells her there isn't time for that but this Korean KRUSHER is determined to follow through!

Did Drew actually have to endure 600 scissors by Onyx?  Of course not, he would have been a goner long before reaching that number!

But he did have to endure Onyx Kim's LOOOOONG, LEAN Anaconda THIGHS wrapped around his neck and body squeezing him so tight he turns alternating shades of red, purple and blue over and over again!

And if you like the combination of SEXY but SADISTIC with dominating verbal trash-talking skills...then, along with Onyx Kim's lethal legs, she delivers!

She tells Drew several times to "Scream for me Drew...SCREAM!".  And SCREAM he does!

And just as the true sadist she is, she commands him to open his eyes and look at her pretty face while nearly popping his eyes out of his head from the PRESSURE!

And as if to play a game of 'cat and mouse', watch as Onyx runs her fingers through his hair and gently rubs his face only to quickly PUNISH HIM some more with her BRUTAL THIGHS!

Over 16 years ago we introduced you to ScissorVixen number 1...Kyla.

And 16 plus years later...we introduce you to ScissorVixen 600, another BREATHTAKING Korean named Onyx Kim!



SVDL-1345 'ScissorVixen 600!' Preview Clip


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  20 minutes 

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Total file size =  1.5 GB


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Date Added : January-13-2021



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