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"Mistress Blythe's BRUTAL THIGHS!" Preview and Download Page

Mistress Blythe's BRUTAL THIGHS!


Mistress Blythe

available in

Full High Definition (SVDL-1343)


3D-VR  (SV3DVR-0006)


At 5'9" tall my THIGHS are LONG, LEAN and BRUTAL as this helpless slave is finding out hopelessly trapped between them!


The screen captures above are from the full gallery which you can download in one zip file.

There are 117 screen captures in the full photo gallery.


Video Description

We've known about Mistress Blythe for over a year now since seeing her profile posted on SessionGirls.

Obviously what caught our immediate attention was those LOOOOONG LEGZZZ and her height at 5'9" tall, just one inch shy of ScissorVixens Amazon status!

Once you move past her lethal legs you notice that Mistress Blythe also has a unique look combined with a very pretty and alluring face which will draw you in before her thighs do you in!

And according to a few of her SessionGirls session reviews...session customers certainly agree.

In Mistress Blythe's debut video, she wants to demonstrate just how BRUTAL her athletically trained dancer thighs can be when turned loose on a slave's helpless neck!

Having also participated in sports, including volleyball and as an avid surfer...those thighs are definitely made to PUNISH and punish they do!

In this video...Mistress Blythe's victim takes a very brief nap after her long legs snake around his neck and begins to tighten in a front figure-4.  She then lifts up off of the couch putting her full weight on the hold as he slowly becomes silent. And for anyone familiar with that pre-KO exhale of oxygen...you can hear it right before he goes silent.

No, this is not as dramatic as what you may see elsewhere since trying to cash in on fake ko's isn't what we do at ScissorVixens, but if you watch his hand trembling and twitching uncontrollably a few seconds after she loosens her grip and he starts to regain consciousness...there's no mistake Mistress Blythe's THIGHS can send you off into a scissor-induced PARALYSIS in seconds!

From that point on, our victim was very careful to tap-out whenever he felt ready to doze off again which was on more than one occasion.

And for you reverse-headscissor fans (that would probably be about 99.9% of you!)...Mistress Blythe certainly knows where her best ASSets are as she loves to show them off for the camera and for her victims!

Unfortunately for her victims...that wonderful view won't last long once she decides to pour it on...it's either TAP or NAP!

Another thing you will notice is how often Mistress Blythe is smiling from ear to ear, while giggling or laughing at the suffering of her victim struggling to survive her SQUEEEEZE!

She is both SEXY and SADISTIC at the same time!

So for you folks who first noticed Mistress Blythe appear on SessionGirls and wondered if her thighs are as BRUTAL as they look...make no mistake...they most certainly are in 'Mistress Blythe's BRUTAL THIGHS!'.


*The preview clip below was shot with our Full HD camera however the same exact angles were captured by our 3D-VR camera at the same time.*

SVDL-1343 'Mistress Blythe's BRUTAL THIGHS!' Preview Clip


Full HD Video Statistics

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  20 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen
Default Video Size:   1920x1080

Total File Size:

  1.5 GB

3D-VR UHD Video Statistics

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  19 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen
Default Video Size:   5760x2880

Total File Size:

  2.8 GB

3D-VR MOBILE Video Statistics

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  19 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen
Default Video Size:   2880x1440

Total File Size:

  1.4 GB

The photo gallery/screen captures are in a zip file.  Click the link below for video instructions on how to open a zip file.

How to open a zip file.


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Date Added : December-17-2020



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