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 SVDL-1336 "The Crimson Crusher!" Preview and Download Page

The Scissor Squad - 'The Crimson Crusher!'


MJ 'The Dominator'



Full High Definition


He was going to inherent billions after his elderly wife's death but her family hired me to make sure that didn't happen!


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Video Description

For those who remember the futuristic classic movie from the early 80's titled Blade Runner, new ScissorVixen MJ 'The Dominator' may remind you of a red-headed version of Pris (played by Daryl Hannah) who was a leggy replicant that attacked Harrison Ford's character (Deckard) with an acrobatic flying head scissor.

And just like Pris...MJ 'The Dominator' can nearly twist your neck off between her powerful thighs!

When we contacted MJ 'The Dominator' about shooting for us her first text was..."Yes...LEGS! My favorite body part...how do we proceed!?".

And when you see MJ 'The Dominator's long, muscular, powerful legs in CRUSHING scissor action...you'll know why she takes so much pride in her THIGHS, thighs built from softball, cheerleading, dance team, burlesque dancing, go-go dancing and of course...working out in the gym during her favorite day...LEG DAY!

Her thighs also heats up coffee for her customers who like things really hot as a Bikini Barista!

There was no lack of enthusiasm from MJ 'The Dominator' for getting the chance to show off her lithe legs in dominating fashion in her debut ScissorVixens video!

Just like her real-life BFF, Lauren 'The Animal', MJ 'The Dominator' debuts in one of our popular Scissor Squad series videos hired by an old woman's children to make sure a gold-digging scumbag she married doesn't inherit the billions of dollars she signed over to him in her will right before she suspiciously passes away.

He's on the phone with his younger mistress and lover bragging how the billions of dollars will soon be his, all of it, while the children get nothing, and promises her a life full of travel and joy.

After hanging up, he walks into the bathroom and starts to open up his travel bag, getting ready to shave when suddenly the shower curtain behind him slides open and a very tall, leggy red-head wearing a red see-through mesh top, red thong with red high heels attacks him from behind covering his mouth with one hand while choking him out with her free arm!

When he awakens he looks up to see her pretty face smiling down at him as his head is loosely wedged between her thighs and he asks..."Who the hell are you!?".

"I'm The Crimson Crusher and I was hired to take care of you!".

Before he can say anything else, The Crimson Crusher shows him how she has earned her name and quickly locks her ankles together and begins to CRUSH!

Her thighs are so long, so sexy, so powerful but also...so, so DEADLY and she clearly enjoys her work as she watches her victim's tortured look of pure panic and terror as he begs and pleads for his life while trying to bribe her with a million dollars.

But she tells him those who hired her are paying her much more than that and it wouldn't matter anyhow, she's got a job to do and she's gonna finish it!

She moves from straight scissors that nearly sever his head from his shoulders to strangling figure-4's that make his eyes nearly pop out of his head!

Then it's time to get a good look at her ass as she grabs his head to shove it up high and tight in her SKULL-CRUSHING reverse head scissors which she eventually transitions into a suffocating reverse figure-4!

Oh, but it's not only his neck that receives all of the torture...she decides to work on his ribs, and maybe bust a few as well, in an anaconda-like body scissors robbing whatever oxygen he had left from his lungs!

At one point, her nipples get hard as a rock (for real!) as she pulls his head up in between her crotch and grabs his head with one hand and SQUEEEEEZES with all she's got while 'getting off' on the pain she's inflicting on him!

Yes, The Crimson Crusher could have made quick, easy work of him much earlier but like all of our Scissor Squad female vigilantes...they enjoy their work too much to end it too soon!

But...she knows the only way she gets paid is to finish the job and that she does in another lethal reverse head scissors with his head hanging off the edge of the couch!

Her thighs look massive and powerful as she starts to administer her lethal dose of pressure around his head while savoring the last moments of his pathetic life as it fades away!

She stands up, another job well done, and calls the family to inform them...they will soon be receiving the billions of dollars that should have gone to them in the first place.

Then she takes one more look at the broken and lifeless man she destroyed and smiles while walking off to her next assignment!

This is one red-head you do not want to come looking for you because if she does...your time is most certainly up!

Don't miss GORGEOUS MJ 'The Dominator' in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'The Crimson Crusher!'.



SVDL-1336 The Scissor Squad - 'The Crimson Crusher!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : September-25-2020



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