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 SVDL-1332 "Jury House Justice!" Preview and Download Page

Jury House Justice!


Mistress Volatile

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Full High Definition


He betrayed our alliance and sent me to the jury house.  Now he's in the jury house alone with me.  Time for JUSTICE!


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Video Description

Professional Dominatrix, Mistress Volatile, is one reality show guest you don't want to betray!

She may only be 5'3" tall and 110 lbs. but her THIGHS deliver a BRUTAL SQUEEZE right up there with ScissorVixens twice her size or more!

She's also a former gymnast and dancer so that may explain how her scissors can be so damn devastating as her former guest house partner is finding out in this video!

They are both part of a show in which a group of strangers, living under the same roof, are playing a mind-twisting social game to see who can make it to the end without being voted off and being sent to the jury house.

She makes an early alliance with a man she thought she could trust and take to the end but he throws her under the bus and she becomes the first contestant sent to the jury house.

But karma is a bitch and he's about to find out so is Mistress Volatile as he becomes the 2nd contestant to be shown the door!

Now...it's just him and a Mistress Volatile in the jury house and he's about to pay a PAINFUL price between her vengeful thighs for his betrayal!

"You know what the best thing about the jury room is?", she asks.

"No", he replies.

"It's sound proof!".

Then the screaming begins as Mistress Volatile attacks him from every angle pulling him deep into her vicious thighs and tearing into him like very few ScissorVixens can!

If you like tight, eye-popping reverse head scissors there's good news...so does Mistress Volatile as she captures him in her reverse over and over again and even snapping her thighs together at one point before nearly decapitating him!

Her world-class ass is on full display as she uses it to power her reverses to levels her victim can barely survive!

Of course there are many more devastating scissors Mistress Volatile administers while getting her revenge until the very end where she sends her former partner to la-la-land!

If you like our 'small but mighty' category here on ScissorVixens...then you're gonna LOVE Mistress Volatile showing her true domination skills and power in 'Jury House Justice!.



SVDL-1332 'Jury House Justice!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : August-8-2020



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