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 SVDL-1331 "No More Running Mr. Baker!" Preview and Download Page

No More Running Mr. Baker!


Big Red

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Full High Definition


Mr. Baker has been running for a long time but tonight my POWERFUL 29-inch THIGHS are going to put an end to that!


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Video Description

Big Red and her BIG SQUEEZE returns to ScissorVixens from the not-too-distant future where population control is mandated by the one-world government and anyone over the age of 45 must be terminated.

But not everyone who turns 45 is willing to submit their lives for the greater good of society so they go on the run trying to escape their fateful end.

And that's when they send a finder named Big Red to track them down and finish the job!

Mr. Baker is one of those runners who has been able to evade capture as he runs back to his hotel room thinking he's been able to do it again.

He's out of breath and quickly closes the curtains before lying down on his bed to recover and then drifts off to sleep.

That's when Big Red moves in and he's awakened by the tall, muscular red-headed bounty hunter who's there to finish him!

"Mr. Baker...your time is up!".

Poor Mr. Baker, he's about to endure what will seem to him to be an eternity of pain and torture between Big Red's BIG 29-inch THIGHS!

And she's dressed to KILL in a sexy domination outfit with high-heels and thigh-high fishnet stockings that dig into his neck with each BRUTAL SQUEEZE!

She puts him in a claustrophobic-inducing reverse head scissors that completely engulfs his head as he screams out in pure agony!

Bodyscissors that nearly break him in two while cracking a few ribs along the way!

Neck-wrenching figure-4's that leave his tongue hanging out as he desperately tries to breath but can only manage to gag!

And while nearly flattening his skull like a pancake in a side reverse head scissors, he tries to deny he's Mr. Baker and says he's Mr. Jones.

But Big Red isn't buying it as she sadistically continues to punish and torture him before ultimately dragging him to the edge of the bed to do him in!

Mr. Baker finds out the hard way that when you turn 45, it's much easier, and far less painful, to do your civic duty and self-terminate or have Big Red do it for you in 'No More Running Mr. Baker!'.



SVDL-1331 'No More Running Mr. Baker!' Preview Clip


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  19 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  1.4 GB


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Date Added : July-23-2020



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